Non-Slip Shoe Sole Grips :: Cream Petal Grips


Original Sole Non-Slip Shoe Sole Grips stick to your shoe soles to give you grip & extends the life of your precious shoes. These are a girl’s best friend!

- Prevents your soles from wear and tear
- Helps avoid slipping on most surfaces
- Use on flat shoes or high heels
- Ideal for all smooth soles in all shoe sizes
- For best results use on new or nearly new shoes
- Long lasting and easily peel off and replace as needed!

Every pair of your shoes deserves one!

Use Cream Petal Shoe Grips for all cream coloured soles. Dimensions 6cm wide x 8cm long. 

Shoe Grips work best on smooth, hard, flat surfaced shoe soles. If they already have grip or have a textured base, they may not adhere as they should. Not for use on rubber soled shoes as they will not adhere to this surface. For use on slippery soled shoes which are new or nearly new and clean. 

Directions for Use:
Ensure soles are clean & dry. Remove backing paper. Position Shoe Grip on the outer sole of the shoe. Press firmly for 30 seconds. For best results wait 6 hours before wearing shoes. Then walk with confidence! They can be cut if required. The grip does not need to cover the entire sole base - as long as the main area on your shoes is covered where the most wear occurs.

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