Heel Huggers
How do I get the Heel Huggers to evenly shrink around the entire heel?
Make sure you apply the heat all the way around the heel. Start by first applying it in one area until it starts shrinking so it will stay in place. Then gradually work the hair dryer around the entire heel.
I have a pair of heels that are already damaged – can I use the Heel Huggers on top of them?
Yes you can and it can help hide the already damaged heel. However, dependant on how badly damaged they are, the protector may not be able to shrink to the exact mould of your heel and may have a bump where the heel is damaged if it protrudes from the heel. Try applying one and see how it looks – for most damaged heels it will be perfectly fine.
Can I over heat or over shrink the Heel Huggers?
You cannot overheat them (unless applying excessive heat from something apart from a hair dryer!). The more you heat them the more they shrink (up to 50% of original size). For best results, after they have shrunk to the heel, keep moving the hair dryer around the heel for another 10 seconds approximately to ensure it has completely shrunk to it’s maximum and this also avoids air getting in to it, which will give you the best results.
Are the Heel Huggers reusable and can they be transferred from shoe to shoe?
They are designed to be applied once only which should last a few months at least – dependant on how hard you are on your heels. To remove them you must cut a small slit at the top or bottom of the protector and then peel them apart. So once they have been peeled off, you cannot use them again.
Can I move them once they have been applied?
Once you have shrunk the protector, you must leave them in that position as otherwise you will get air inside of them and then they will not be as subtle in their appearance. Leave them where they have shrunk to and when you are heating them, make sure you position to the correct spot.
Where do I position my Heel Huggers?
Position them from the bottom of your heel (above the rubber heel stopper).
Why isn’t my Heel Huggers shrinking to the mould of my heels?
This can be a result of 2 reasons:
1. You have selected a tube size that is too wide for your heel. They will shrink up to 50% of the original size of the tubing. So if you select one which is too wide, then when it shrinks down there may be more than 50% of space required to fit your heel. Simply select the smaller size tubing.
2. Your hair dryer may not be hot enough to heat the tubing to shrink. Most hair dryers are suitable on high heat to shrink the tubing within 30-60 seconds.
What length do I cut the Heel Huggers to?
This is a personal choice as to where you wish to protect on your heels. Most women will damage the bottom 1.5-3cms of the heel. Have a look at your already damaged heels to get a better idea of where you think you need to protect and then cut to that length.
When do I need to replace my Heel Huggers?
This is a personal choice that is dependant on how much you wear your heels. It is recommended that you replace them once they look dirty or if you have scuffed them or if you have had them on your heels for some time and air has got through the suction from the shrinkage. They will stay in place indefinitely, so change as per your own preference.

Shoe Grips
What are Shoe Sole Grips
They are a specially design material which gives you grip for your shoe soles. They are made to stick to the sole with a strong adhesive, to help prevent you from slipping and your shoe soles wearing down.
Where is the best place to position the shoe grips on the sole?
The best place is where the ball on your feet hit the ground. Have a look at your old shoe soles to see where you wear them down the most. This is the area you place the most amount of pressure and where your want to put the shoe grip. This will help prevent your shoe soles wearing and also give you grip!
What shoes are ideal to use them on?
Slippery or smooth soled shoes work the best. This includes flat shoes or high heels. They will not grip to rubber-soled shoes or soles that are already quite worn.
Are the Shoe Grips reusable and can they be transferred from shoe to shoe?
Once you have placed them on your shoe soles, you must leave them on these soles. If you remove them you will loose the benefit of the adhesive backing and they may move or slide off eventually. Only remove when the grip has worn down and then replace with another Shoe Sole Grip.
When do I need to replace my Shoe Grips?
This depends on how much you are wearing your shoes but
they should last up to 3-5 months.
How do I remove & replace my shoe grips?
Carefully peel the shoe grip off your soles and replace another one in the same position.
Why has my shoe grip come off?
You must ensure your shoe grips are applied to a clean & dry surface. This is very important for them to adhere to. If your soles are already quite worn, then the shoe grips do not have the surface it requires to adhere to. For best results use shoe grips on new or moderately worn soles.
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